1. Exciting Our Customers

  • We want your shopping experience to be exciting..
  • We want to keep our prices exciting..
  • We want to keep our product range exciting..
  • We want to keep our promotions exciting..

2. New & Fresh Products

  • Shop for new products..
  • Shop for fresh ideas..
  • Shop the latest designs..
  • Shop for new & fresh opportunities..

3. Always Promoting

  • Special discounts to new customer sign ups..
  • Seasonal specials..
  • Spin the wheel for exciting deals..
  • Look out for on sale items..
  • Bulk discounts on warehouse items..
  • Monthly specials on selected items..

4. Secure Transacting

  • Data passed between server & browser remain private..
  • Secure payments are made through Payfast..
  • We do not sell or rent your information to 3rd parties..
  • We will not overload your email inbox..

5. Fast Delivery

  • Digital designs delivered through secure links..
  • Express domestic deliveries..
  • Express international deliveries..
  • Door to Door deliveries..

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